Want to learn how to create your own images or even videos like this? You can!

Photography tours don’t just take you to breathtaking destinations around the world. They send a professional photographer with you to help you make the most of it.

You’re committed to photography. For you, the camera in your smartphone is no longer enough. Maybe you’ve invested in some serious — and seriously expensive — camera gear, and you can’t wait to try it out in some of the world’s most visually spectacular locales.

You could grab your camera and your passport and see what you can do. Or you could take some photography classes to hone your skills with your new cameras before you go, which would be smarter.

There’s a third option, however, that combines the best of both worlds, all over the world — the photography tour.

Basically, you travel as an amateur photographer, traveling and “shooting” with like-minded amateur photographers — all under the guidance of an experienced, accomplished professional photographer.

Whether your focus is on still photography, videography or both, you definitely could benefit from the combination of spectacular settings and expert, hands-on tutelage.

Are you packing yet?

Photography tours come in all sizes and flavors. Some use a certain destination as a subject, a city, a national park, a country. Others are designed specific themes — wildlife, culture, architecture being just a few of the examples.

It’s hard to beat the kind of training and expertise that lets you put best practice in practice right on the spot, all under the watchful eye of a photographer who’s been there and still does that.

There’s an added fringe benefit, the chance to meet other amateur “shooters” like yourself, and maybe come away with life-long friends with whom you go on to make other photo vacations together.

Another benefit to this type of travel: You don’t necessarily have to leave the United States. This country has some of the most camera-friendly locations in the world. You could spend years exploring this country all with your lens before even wanting to take your camera abroad.

We have cities like New York, New Orleans, San Francisco. We have some of the most beautiful national parks you’ll find anywhere, not to mention state and regional parks that often deserve more attention than they get.

That could make for a photo tour that satisfies your soul — and let your wallet breathe a bit easier at the same time.

Still, there are locales around the globe that almost seem to be calling your name. The African savannah. The rainforests of South America and the triple peaks of Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park. Spectacular cataracts like Iguazu and Victoria falls. The limestone formations of Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, to name only very, very few.

The possibilities are practically endless.

A photography tour is a great way to see an incredible world with the help of a pro, and spend time with others with whom you share a common passion. And who knows? Sharpen both your camera and your people skills keenly enough, and you might even want to lead your own photo tours one day.

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