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Because once Africa gets into your soul, she will call you back.

Ghanaian palm oil worker

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2018 Ghana Freedom Tour

24 feb | 7 mar

See the original Door of No Return for captive Africans bound for slavery in the Americas. Wade in the river where they bathed on their 500-mile forced march to the slave ships.

Learn about ancient Ashanti rulers and Kwame Nkrumah, who led modern Ghana to freedom. Meet with students at the University of Ghana. and discuss the country's slave legacy.  Visit the home of famed author  W.E.B. du Bois.

Have spectacular African fabrics tailored into custom outfits. Buy wood carvings, adinkra prints and kente cloth from local craftsmen. Learn traditional drumming and sample some West African highlife music.  Walk 100 feet over a jungle canopy in Kakum National Park. Chill at the Atlantic seaside resort favored by former UN general-secretary Kofi Annan.

Meet a traditional Ghanaian king and his elders...who will give you your own Ghanaian name.

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2018 Cape Town Music & Memories Tour

18 | 26 mar

A taste of urban life in South Africa's largest city. See wildfire on day-long game drive. Visit the island prison that held Nelson Mandela for 27 years. And be part of  "Africa's Grandest Gathering," the  Cape Town International Jazz Festival, the largest single music event south of the Sahara.

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