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What We Do For You


We create your dream trip, based on your choice of destination and season. Group travel, family travel couples, solo. Door-to-door itinerary planning. 


Domestic and international air travel. Rail travel. rental cars. Lodging. Airport transfers. Ground transportation. 


Passport and visa assistance. Info on changing travel health requirements, wherever you’re going.  We keep you up-to-date.


Travel insurance. Tour guides for individuals or groups. Special events. 


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Group tours can be magic, but maybe you’d rather do your own thing.  That’s why we specialize in TAILORED TRAVEL.

Your trip, your way. Inside the box, outside the box, no box whatsoever. 

Destinations. Flights. Lodging, from 5-star hotels to hostels or family homestays. Ground transportation, self-driven or chauffeured. Tours and guides if you want them. Full solo if you don’t.  We do it all.

Our status as an independent agency is the key. We have connections with hundreds of travel companies, but we only work for you.

Result: You get a trip  that’s truly your trip.

So when you’re ready to detour from the well-worn travel path and seek an experience created just for you, get in touch.

Wherever our future travels take us, we’ll be more responsible for safeguarding our own health abroad, long after the Covid-19 pandemic is over. What might that process look like? We have some thoughts on that.

Meanwhile, travel rules during the pandemic change almost daily.  If you’re planning an international trip, check these sites before you book.

 As always if you have questions, get in touch, especially for specific countries or destinations. We’re here to help.

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