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We create itineraries customized for our clients. We want to bring you the best possible travel experience, with the best value for your money.

Stay at a great hotel, a world-class resort, or your own apartment. Get around in a rental car, or a private car with your own driver.

Dive deep into local culture with language, cooking or music classes, personal guided tours, even a homestay with a local family.

It’s all about creating your unique travel experience. Everything you want — and nothing you don’t.

So when you’re ready, get in touch. WE’D LOVE TO HELP YOU TRAVEL.



    Air Senegal: Africa in Eight Hours

    At long last, a West African airline is once more flying between the Mother Continent and North America. This is good news and could be great — if they

    South African Airways is back — sort of

    The much- and long-troubled African national flag carrier is clawing its way back into the skies next month. But for now, only on a very limited basis.

    Planning a trip? Check your Passport!

    If you need to renew your passport for an upcoming trip, get moving. Time is NOT on your side.

    VIETNAM: The new Thailand?

    Tropical beauty and booming cities. Mountains and beaches. Great food. A young country with an ancient culture. All in one of the world’s cheaper travel destinations.

    Japan by rail — fast and slow

    Japan is home to the “bullet train,” but some of its most delightful rail travel — and the country itself — are best enjoyed when you slow down.

    AIRLINES: Not standing still

    Domestically and internationally, airlines are looking beyond the COVID-19 pandemic to position themselves for better times. The result, new routes for them and fresh options for travelers.

    The Seychelles — a distant jewel

    This archipelago of tiny, almost unbearably beautiful islands welcomes visitors as if their nation’s future depends on it. In fact, it does.

    You have to look

    Lands of the Maroons

    Wherever Africans were enslaved, you could find Africans who formed their own societies and stubbornly clung to the cultural heritage of their ancestors. Some of their communities still exist

    The Post-Pandemic Traveler

    Once we start traveling the world again, we’ll need to be a lot more hands-on in safeguarding our own health.

    Our experience with COVID-19 will change

    Travel in a post-COVID World

    By the time you’re able to freely use your passport again, much of the travel world may have a very different look and feel to it.