Whether the history you seek is that of a nation or that of your ancestors, a trip in search of heritage can take you far beyond mere miles — and bring you closer to yourself.

There are lots of ways to travel with a purpose. One of them is to heritage travel, a journey to explore history.

For the history devotee, that could mean a visit to a destination — city, state or country — whose past, whether famous or obscure, played an outsized role in shaping our present. The United States is loaded with such sites, far too many to list here, and the rest of the world has many more besides, in every field of endeavor.

Then, there is that other history, no less important to each of us — our own. The history of our elders, our ancestors. Their history is our heritage — and unless you’re descended directly from Native Americans, you may need to go a long way to find it. Halfway around the world, in fact.

Latin America. Europe. Asia. Africa. The Middle East. There’s no telling where a surname, old family tales and records, or a DNA test might lead you.

Some of what you find may be inspiring. Some of what you find may be painful. Whatever you find ultimately fills the gaps, the voids in that personal past, following the family tree all the way down its roots.

Or at least s close to those roots as we can get.

And you return from such a journey with a fuller understanding of how you came to be…YOU. In the here and now. That could prove to be the most important souvenir you ever bring back from any trip, anywhere.

For African-Americans, in particular, whose life stories are connected directly to the trans-Atlantic slave trade, that journey can be especially poignant, or uplifting. Or both.

This kind of trip may require help that goes beyond just booking flights and hotels. You might need connections with people or organizations that can help you deep more deeply into your ancestral history, and help you build a bridge between generations.

Trips by Greg has the contacts and experience to help you plan a trip in search of your heritage, wherever in the world it takes you.

When you’re ready to take on this most personal of mysteries, get in touch with us. We’re here to help.