When you’re ready to do more than just sightsee.

There’s a school of travel thought that says the best reason to visit a different part of the world is the people you find there. At Trips by Greg, we couldn’t agree more. And if you’re looking to connect with a different culture, there are lots of great ways to do that.

One of the easiest and quickest is to find a welcoming public spot, indoors or outdoors, and strike up conversations with a local or two. There are fewer places better suited for this than a good British or Irish pub.

Coffeehouses, cafes and bistros that cater to university students can be good for this, too — provided they’re not studying for exams.

Speaking of studying, a good way to dive into a different culture is by taking a class from a local college. Some of the world’s most prestigious universities offer summer-sesson or extension courses in a wide range of subjects, ideal for a visiting traveler. So do museums and other historic sites.

Get an introduction to a different language. Learn about the origins of your favorite ethic dishes, and discover new ones. Get a taste of traditional music — and maybe a little instruction on how to play some of it yourself. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Don’t feel like being confined to a classroom? Take a tour or two — not on the ubiquitous hop-on, hop-off tour bus, but your own private walking tour with a your own guide, a local who can introduce to their city or their country from the point-of-view of a resident who’s lived there all their life.

Such tours are readily available from companies all over the world — and some of them are even free, put on by volunteers proud to serve as ambassadors to welcome visitors.

When your trip is over, you’ll go home with the kind of souvenirs you can’t pick up in a duty-free shop. A broader world view. Maybe a new friend or two. And memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Need some ideas on how to tap into the culture of your destination, or help with arrangements to actually do it?

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