Women in kimono at bamboo forest of Arashiyama near Kyoto, Japan

When it comes to sheer fascination, Asia has the unwavering pull of a magnet. There’s almost nothing of interest to a human being that you can’t find there. Every type of landscape, from mangrove forests with their half-naked roots in the sea to deserts, forests, jungle and the highest point on Earth.

Of the world’s 7.7 billion human beings, 4.7 billion of them live here. A bewildering, intoxicating jumble of languages. ethnic groups and religions — including the most populous Muslim nation on the planet — Indonesia.Ancient cultures that flourished, rose, and fell long before the time of Christ — and endure into the present.

World-class food. World-class architecture. People hurtling head-long through the 21sr century living side-by-side with countrymen living not that much different from the wy their ancestors did millennia ago. Ancient civiizations blended with the vestiges of a Euro-colonial legacy.

It’s all here.

The northern Asian nations of China. Japan. South Korea. The island nations of the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia. Vibrant SE Asia — Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore. The continent of Australia. The sub-continent that is India.

Flying to these destinations could take you a full day or more, and when you land, you may be farther from your comfort zone than you’ve ever been. But Asia has so much to trigger every sense and envelop every corner of your mind that you may not care.

It’s all far too much to catalog here, but we know how to get you deep into all of it — as comfortably or as ruggedly as you like.. You just need to tell us where you want to go and when.