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  • Ethiopia, Lalibela. Moniolitic rock cut church
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East Africa is where you come for the animals and fall in love with the people, and their continent.

The whole of Africa is blessed with wildlife, much of it found nowhere else. But if you’re thinking safari, this is where you want to be. Kenya. Tanzania. Botswana. Uganda. Rwanda. Home to the Big 5 — lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and Cape buffalo.  The Great Migration, Mother Nature’s unending road trip for zebras, antelopes and 2 million wildebeests, happens here.  The incredible mountain gorillas of Uganda.

This is where you’ll find a modern capital with a national park within the city limits, and a manor house where the giraffes join you at your table for breakfast. Where you ride 4x$ vehicles out to see Africa’s most beautiful creatures, and can sleep and dine in 5-star luxury by night, miles from anywhere.

But there’s far more here than wildlife.  East Africa is people. Proud, ancient people like the Maasai, who proudly hold on to their warrior traditions while they navigate the modern world. Nations like Ethiopia, birthplace of coffee. The only African country never to be colonized by Europe, with most UN World Heritage Sites in Africa, and where a Christian king carved 11 incredible churches out of a mountain. Rwanda, remaking itself from the scene of a horrible genocide into a vibrant agent of peace and change in the space of a generation.

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Flights within flights. Our East African tours take you to distant, pristine national parks and game preserves, some of which can be reached quickly only by single- or twin-engined bush planes. They’re safe and reliable, but come with small cargo holds. So if you want to enjoy one of these trips, pack light. Really light!

Typically, our tours include 8-14 days “on the ground.”  We design our itineraries around your desires, so their length can be as long or as brief as you wish.  But given the amount of flying time — and expense — it takes to reach Africa from North America, it doesn’t make much sense to spend two or three days and then fly back.

As much as there is to see and do, we won’t rush you into your tour the moment you clear the airport. You’ll spend your first day recuperating from your long flight, getting used to this new environment, getting a chance to sample the food and drink, and just chill.

Your days will be full. Your nights will be yours. On Day 2, your tour will begin in earnest, with lots of sights and activities to give you a real taste of the “the Mother Continent.”  At the end of the day, however, you’ll have time for yourself. Want to go shopping? Check out a nightspot? Or just relax, refresh and kick back? You’ll get your chance.

Are you flexible? We are. Our itineraries are carefully crafted to turn your tour into your dream trip. But when the opportunity presents itself and circumstances permit, we’re not above veering off-script to do something unexpected and special.


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