Dive into our Diaspora

Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Cuba, Haiti and more. African culture is strong and thriving on both sides of the Atlantic. And we can take you to it.  See how Africa's stolen generations held together and kept their traditions alive.

Bespoke Travel

Not a travel "groupie?" Rather do your own thing?  We'll design a custom itinerary just for you -- whether you're traveling alone, as a couple, a family or a group of dozens. The result -- a travel experience as unique as you are.

Detailed Trip Planning

From first day to last, we hammer out all the details of your trip. We also do the booking -- flights, lodging, ground transportation, tours , the works. We provide as much help as you need -- or, for the veteran traveler, as little.


Time for yourself

Every one of our tours includes some free time -- whether it's for optional tours, to do some shopping, dining or clubbing on your own, , or just a needed break to relax and chill. And maybe use wifi to send a few pics or videos back home to your jealous friends!

We're here to help

Need advice on the local currency? Wifi? Everything from what to pack, pre-trip inoculations, to local customs and avoiding potential cultural pitfalls. Our knowledgeable guides have the tips and information to keep you on point -- before, during and after your African stay.


What are you waiting for!

Contact us for tour dates or to sign up for our Africa travel planning service. Join Trips by Greg...and come touch the soul of Africa!