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SENEGAL:  Ever-changing yet timeless

9 days, 8 nights

WHEN: Dec. 3 or Dec. 28
COST: $2,120 per person double occupancy. Supplemental charge for solo traveler.

See the vast northern savannah with its huge zebu herds and Peul nomads. Saint Louis, the small colonial “city” on the Senegal River.  The coastal villages where fishermen daily challenge the ocean in colorful pirogues.  The Mouride Sufi brotherhood, with their sacred and theocratic center.  The “sacred forests” of the south, with their animist initiations, priest-kings and mask dances.

This is the tour for anyone who likes variety, likes adventure...and loves Africa!




WHEN: 24 february - 7 march
COST:  $2,200 per person, double occupancy.  Supplemental charge for solo traveler.
 See FULL ITINERARY for more details.

See the original Door of No Return for captive Africans bound for slavery in the Americas.  Discuss that painful past and the country's future with students at the University of Ghana.

Have spectacular African fabrics tailored into custom outfits. Buy authentic kente cloth from local weavers. Try your hand at traditional Ghanaian drumming.  Walk 100 feet over a jungle canopy in Kakum National Park.

Meet a traditional Ghanaian king and his elders, who will honor you with your own Ghanaian name.

Guinea-Bissau & the Bijagos Islands

WHEN: 9 feb | 9 days, 8 nights

If you're looking for African travel bragging rights, get off the beaten tourist track in this fascinating, unspoiled land of pristine forests and beaches. Take to the streets as Guinean neighborhoods put a genuine African twist on the traditional parades of Brazilian Carnaval. 

Come face-to-face with the remote tribes of the Bijagos Islands, whose culture remains intact -- and mostly hidden -- among the islands of the largest and least known archipelago in Africa.

This tour is for the adventurer at heart who loves Africa!



WHEN: 18-26 mar

COST: $3,299 per person incl. airfare* (add $100 for flight from your departure city)

Includes visits to Johannesburg, Apartheid Museum, Robben Island, Table Mountain, one-day game drive and two days of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

EMAIL US for more details and to sign up!

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