Africa for starters

Do you know the story about the blind men and the elephant?  Each man, after touching one small part of it, thinks he knows what the whole animal looks like.  Of course, none of them are even close.

Seeing Africa for the first time is a lot like that — Three million square miles of deserts,  mountains, rainforests and savannah. Fifty-four sovereign nations with 1.2 billion people.

That’s a lot to take in all at once. Where to begin?

First, look into yourself. What interests you? What do you like? Wilderness adventures? History and heritage? Music, dance, literature? Art and architecture? Food and fashion? Culture and spirituality? Science and technology? Something else completely?

Once you have those answers, you’re ready to start researching Africa.  And whatever your interests are on your list, there’s an African destination that can fulfill them.

And we’ll help you find it.  It’s what we do.

Looking for that unforgettable safari trip? We can show where the best ones are.

Want to meet proud and noble people whose heritage reaches back millennia? We can introduce you.

Want to come face-to-face with the history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade? We’ll show you the first slave castles, including the original Door of No Return.

Africa may be vast. It may be challenging. But it’s not inaccessible. And Trips by Greg is ready to prove it to you.