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Why we don't do safaris

What? How can an Africa Travel Specialist not offer safaris?

A safari can be wonderful, even life-changing. But the wildlife safari is so synonymous with Africa that many believe there's no other reason to go there.

We can put you with some of Africa's best safari operators. You can witness the Great Migration, get up close (but hopefully not too personal) with Africa's Big 5, go surfing or mountain biking, climb one of the world's great peaks in Mount Kilimanjaro. If you hurry, you can even see something in Africa you probably never knew was there -- a glacier.

But to us, Africa is about people -- 3000-plus ethnic groups, each with its own culture, its own story, its own journey through the ages. Cultures that have stood the test of time and the challenges of modernization. People who have endured wars, famine, enslavement and colonization to remain true to their traditions, their identities and their faiths. People whose creativity and perseverance never wavers.

That's the Africa we want to show you.

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