Why we don't do safaris

What? How can an Africa Travel Specialist not offer safaris?

A safari can be wonderful, even life-changing. But the wildlife safari is so synonymous with Africa that many believe there's no other reason to go there.

We can put you with some of Africa's best safari operators . But to us, Africa is about people -- 2,000-plus ethnic groups, each with its own culture, its own story, its own journey through Time.

That's the Africa we want to show you.

Our Story

I've spent much of my life  traveling or helping others plan their travels. After 42 years as a journalist with the San Francisco Examiner, the Associated Press and the San Diego Union-Tribune, I started a blog in 2009 -- called "I'm Black and I Travel" -- to encourage my fellow African-Americans to see more of the world.

After five years of award-winning blogging, I realized that just writing about travel wasn't enough.  I had to help people realize their own travel dreams. And the best way to do that was as a travel advisor.  But I also realized something else, that as much as I wanted to see the world, I really wanted to know Africa.  The human Africa. The cultural Africa.

And it very quickly became clear that I wasn't alone.

That was when Trips by Greg was born.

Take the next step

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